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Withdrawal Treatment Beds Open In Brandon

October 2019

Six flexible-length withdrawal treatment beds suitable for treating those struggling with a methamphetamine or opioid addiction are now open in Brandon.

Provincial government officials were on hand to make the announcement in Brandon on October 16 at the site of a new, permanent facility, where construction is underway.  The Brandon beds are currently operational at a temporary site where the Community Health and Housing Association in Brandon are partnering to help provide the service.

“We are continuously working to improve mental health and addictions services throughout Manitoba,” said Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Cameron Friesen.  “These flexible-length withdrawal beds will provide more access to treatment for those struggling with addiction to dangerous drugs like meth.”

“People living with an addiction to methamphetamine need access to recovery services like flexible-length withdrawal treatment beds,” said Justice Minister Cliff Cullen in “These new beds will provide appropriate care to patients going through withdrawal from unpredictable drugs like meth, expanding the array of addictions services that are available to Manitobans.”

“Prairie Mountain Health (PMH), through its partner, Community Health and Housing Association Westman, worked extremely hard to establish residential withdrawal support services— based in Brandon,” stated Penny Gilson, CEO, of PMH. “Those utilizing the service will have access to coordinated care and treatment through PMH, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) and other local resources, which will assist all of us to strengthen our ability to serve those individuals and their families facing substance use disorders.”

Recommended in the VIRGO report, 11 flexible-length withdrawal beds have been created in both Brandon and Winnipeg to provide patients with the necessary time they need to withdraw from dangerous drugs like methamphetamine.  The $4.2-million investment in the beds, to be spread out over four years, was provided via matching funding under the federal government’s Emergency Treatment Fund.

“These additional flexible-stay beds will improve our ability to provide addictions care closer to home, including for those individuals who may require longer treatment or additional support,” said Dr. Jitender Sareen, specialty lead of mental health and addictions, Shared Health.  “This new, evidence-based service will increase the available treatment options for patients, families and providers across Manitoba as we make strides to better align core mental health and addictions services and supports with the needs of our patients.”

For more information on the VIRGO report and its recommendations, visit:

Withdrawl bed web

PICTURED: Manitoba Justice Minister Cliff Cullen announces details of flexible stay, residential withdrawal supports and treatment beds in Brandon on October 16, 2019.  In Brandon, the Province and PMH are partnering with the Community Health and Housing Association Westman to operate the six new treatment beds.