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Unlock the potential of food: Ingredients for a healthier tomorrow

February 2022

The Nutrition Month 2022 theme, “Unlock the potential of food: Ingredients for a healthier tomorrow” focuses on how dietitians are using their skills and expertise to create sustainable change across the food system.

Dietitians recognize that the factors that influence the future health of Canadians and the food they eat are challenging and complex. This is why dietitians are acting on the various “ingredients” needed to spark change – ingredients like food security, food literacy, food sovereignty, sustainable food choices and nutrition care and prevention – these are areas where dietitians across Canada play an active and often leadership role.

Dietitians believe that every Canadian has a right to food that is healthy, culturally appropriate, that is produced in a way that is sustainable, equitable and values the rights of people and the sacredness of food.

Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? Communities within our region have various local food options such as farming, hunting, fishing, gathering and gardening. Here are a few ways you can eat more sustainable:

  1. Choose some plant-based proteins. Canada is the largest lentil producer in the world. Try these great proteins by adding to soups, pasta sauce and ground meat dishes (they work great in tacos).
  2. Reduce food waste. Plan meals and plan to use leftovers, for example if you open a can of beans to make a salad, plan to make a chili with beans the next day. Try frozen vegetables, you just need to take out what you need.
  3. Drink tap water if available.
  4. Buy local
  5. Grow your own food

Creamy Enchilada 

Creamy Enchilada Soup

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