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Seniors Fit Camp - A Healthy Together Now Feature

January 2023

This past summer, the Brandon Riverbank embarked on a new initiative, focusing on our seniors within the community. We offer varying programs for varying age groups at the Centre but none tap into addressing the physical needs of our seniors. As such our “Seniors’ Fit Camp” idea was launched, and the hunt for funding was initiated. We partnered with Healthy Together Now and ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge. The funds received were used to purchase equipment, promotional items and light refreshments for our participants in the program.

We had 32 seniors who participated in the program, 30 females and two males. They participated in a series of activities, three days per week for nine weeks, which included chair yoga, Zumba gold, light cardio, and hike and learn sessions. Each coordinated activity was led by a certified instructor and designed with seniors’ fitness levels in mind. 

The program was a huge success! Our participants, stakeholders and community gave great reviews about the program. It was initially scheduled for eight weeks; however, an additional week was added at the request of our participants. Many of our participants have already expressed their desire to participate in the future. The hope is to secure funding that will allow us to permanently house the program at the Discovery Centre and to facilitate the physical needs of our seniors within the community. A heartfelt thank you HTN for seeing our vision!

Submitted by: Rochelle Johnson-Boswell of Brandon Riverbank Inc.

Intake dates for Healthy Together Now grants are February 1, May 1, August 1 & November 1.  Learn more here.