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PMH emergency planning kicks in for loss of power event in Dauphin

September 2021

On September 6th, the Prairie Mountain Health Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Program (DEPP) received notification of a serious situation behind the Dauphin Community Health Services (CHS) Building.  The Dauphin Fire Department, along with Manitoba Hydro, were dispatched for an arcing transformer behind the building.  Manitoba Hydro de-energized the building from the pole, which put out the fire.

PMH Regional Trades then began work on assessing the transformer to determine the level of damage and if power could be supplied to the building. DEPP did some communication to notify impacted PMH programs and services of the outage and to identify how fire/smoke detection would manually occur, as the building’s fire alarm system was also rendered out of service with no power.

It was determined that staff would not be able to work in the CHS building in the short term.  DEPP implemented the ERMS/RAVE staff notification system and sent out communication to just over 200 staff who would be impacted by the closure. This resulted in everyone receiving the same information at the same time. Part of the notification involved managers working with their staff to sort out who could work from home, or other work locations, during the outage.

A search began to identify a vendor that had a suitable generator that could be brought to the site.  Necessary permits were obtained fairly quickly and working with the City of Dauphin and provincial inspectors, PMH established a location for the portable generator in the CHS staff parking lot. The generator is providing a reliable power supply for the CHS site. Security staff patrol the areas to ensure public safety and the integrity of the set up.

PMH continues working towards securing a new transformer and the necessary infrastructure needed to replace the damaged unit.   The site will continue to run on the portable generator, operated by PMH engineers. 

A detailed plan will be further developed once the equipment is secured and en route to Dauphin.

DCHS Building generator r