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PMH Careers overview: Preparing for a job interview

May 2022

PMH Careers overview: Preparing for a job interview
Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) has hundreds of jobs currently listed on its website. If you reviewed the careers section of the website, and found a position that interests you or matches your skill set, you are urged to apply.  In our continuing series on PMH careers, we offer the following tips if you are contacted for an interview.


Why a Job Interview?
The interview process is conducted to select a candidate that best fits the needs of the company.

A resume is a great source of information to determine the experience and skills that each candidate possesses but an interview allows the employer to analyze your behaviour and qualities that will make a good employee.


What to Expect?

The interviewer or interview panel are tasked with determining whether you would be a good fit for the organization.
They will ask general questions in attempt to ease any nerves and get to know you.
They will also ask skills and experienced based questions to determine whether your qualifications align with the available position.
You should expect situational or in-depth questions that will determine how you handle a variety of scenarios.
The final part of the interview usually involves a chance for you to ask any questions you may have.



  1. Get familiar with the job description.
      • This helps you determine what the employer is looking for in terms of experience and skills.
      • It is important to touch on those skills within the interview to show the employer that you possess the qualities they are looking for
  1. Know your resume
      • Be familiar with everything on your resume and be prepared to fill in any gaps that the employer may have questions about
      • Bring an extra copy to the interview
  1. Prepare for a variety of questions
      • Interviewers are interested in why you applied for this position and what makes you the primary candidate for the job. Be prepared to sell yourself! Express the qualities that make you a great fit for the organization.
      • They will ask in-depth questions about situations that may be relevant to the job position. Do your research and think about the experiences and challenges that will make you a better employee
  1. Practice makes perfect
      • Conduct mock interviews with your friends or family
      • Rehearse your answers to become more comfortable
  1. Make a good first impression
      • Arrive on time
      • Dress appropriately
      • Be confident!
  1. Prepare questions for the interviewer
      • This will clarify any questions you had about the position or the interview
      • It shows interest in the job
      • Prepare at least 2 questions for the interview and think of questions as the interview goes on that you may need to come back to

Join the PMH Team, apply today!  Visit our website, click on CAREERS!

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