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Nutrition Month Brings Tips and Advice

February 2020

March is Nutrition Month, and this year Prairie Mountain Health dietitians are talking about how healthy eating is about so much More than Food!  For overall health, it is important to consider not only what we eat, but how we eat too. This includes the following key messages from the new Canada Food Guide released last year:

  • Be mindful of your eating habits.  Being mindful means taking time to eat and removing distractions while eating.  Notice when you are hungry and when you are full. 
  • Cook more often.  Plan what you will eat, and involve others in planning and preparing meals.  Encourage children to help with age-appropriate tasks in the kitchen.  Cooking at home is usually healthier and cheaper than eating out. Check out this low cost “Hearty Manitoba Vegetable Soup” recipe found in the Nutrition Month 2020 Recipe e-book.
  • Enjoy your food.  Culture and food traditions can be a part of healthy eating.  This nutrition month, share a favorite food from your culture with others and learn about foods from another culture. 
  • Eat meals with others.  Eating with others can bring enjoyment to healthy eating and can foster connections between generations and cultures. 

 Registered Dietitians are trusted partners in good health who are grounded in nutrition research and innovation.  PMH Registered Dietitians work in the areas of prevention and management of a wide range of health conditions.  They provide nutrition counselling in many communities throughout PMH.  To request an appointment with a local dietitian, call 1-877-509-7852.

Registered Dietitians are also strong advocates for community-led projects to improve access to healthy foods and help equip groups and organizations to promote healthy eating.  To request assistance with a community group or organization (schools, daycares, workplaces, workshops) call a Community Health Dietitian at 204-764-4231 (South), 204-629-3002 (North) or 204-578-2197 (Brandon).

For Dietitian advice Monday to Friday, 8 am – 6 pm, call Dial-a-Dietitian at 1-877-830-2892.

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