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Making Healthy Eating Joyful and Positive This New Year

December 2019

If finding ways to improve your eating tops your list in 2020, Prairie Mountain Health ( PMH) wants you to know about the Craving Change™ program and how you can take part. If you have ever struggled with your eating behaviours or wished you had more motivation and willpower around the food choices you make, Craving Change can help.

Abby Bohun participated in the three-session program this fall. “Craving change has allowed me to become more self-aware. It has provided me with the building blocks for making a positive change in my eating habits and overall wellbeing,” says Abby.

Developed by a registered dietitian and clinical psychologist, Craving Change™ is designed to help people understand their triggers for problematic eating, discover ways to control cravings and to maintain healthy changes! 

“There are so many factors influencing the food decisions people make each day,” says Sherrill-Lee Hyra, who coordinates the program in PMH. “This program helps participants identify what some of these influences are and how each may be impacting them personally. Not only do participants gain greater awareness about themselves, but they also gain new skills for how they can make positive changes.”

Another key focus of the program is to help build an understanding that a healthy approach to eating includes trusting oneself.  This method can mean eating what is right for you, listening to hunger and fullness cues, enjoying food and becoming more mindful as we eat.

The program is available to all those who are 18 years and older. Individual diet counselling is not part of the Craving Change™ program. Anyone with medical conditions is welcome to attend, but for those who do not understand their individual diet needs, it is recommended to see a Registered Dietitian first.

There are several courses planned for the start of the new year. January courses will be offered in Brandon, Deloraine, Wawanesa, Glenboro and Killarney. While space is limited, there is still room for people to sign up. If you would like to register, please call Prairie Mountain Health’s Healthy Living Toll-free line at 1-877-509-7852 to learn about the course times and dates. You will also find course information at and class schedules by following PMH on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Craving Change 3x2

Pictured:  Participants: Patricia Sparrow and Abby Bohun along with PMH Craving Change Facilitator Vanessa Hamilton

For More Information Contact:

Sherrill-Lee Hyra, Health Promotion Coordinator, Prairie Mountain Health


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