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Donations For PMH October 2020

October 2020

This Donation Page is populated by submissions from our staff, the public, local Auxiliaries and Foundations.  If a donation has been made to your local facility please send a photo and a brief write up to the Communications Department.  We would like the opportunity to share it with the rest of our staff and the public.  Please email your submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


$239,000 Donation from the BRHC Health Auxiliary

Members of the Brandon Regional Health Centre (BRHC) Auxiliary were recently able to make three generous equipment purchases totalling $239,000 for BRHC. These included;

  • Portable Echocardiology unit ($77,000) which uses ultrasound to assess the function of the heart and determine the presence of many types of heart disease.
  • Massimo Monitoring System for sleep apnea patients x 8 units ($76,000). These units monitor sleep apnea patients post surgery when they may have respiratory issues as they come out of the anesthesia.
  • Urology Laser ($85,000) greater precision and accuracy can be achieved with laser procedures, and are less invasive resulting in less bleeding, swelling and pain.  It is also a good alternative for patients who are not suitable for open operations.

Portable echocardiology r 003

Pictured with the Portable Echocardiology unit (L-R) Sharleen Gunston - Coordinator of the Nearly New Shop and a Director of the Auxiliary, Sonographer Sammy Holleman, Marlene Brichon - Auxiliary member, Brenda Burgess - Coordinator of the BRHC Gift Shop and a Director of the Auxiliary, Janice Meadows - BRHC Auxiliary Asistant.

Massimo Monitoring System web

Massimo Monitoring System for sleep apnea patients

Urology Laser

Urology Laser