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Donations For PMH December 2020

December 2020

This Donation Page is populated by submissions from our staff, the public, local Auxiliaries and Foundations.  If a donation has been made to your local facility please send a photo and a brief write up to the Communications Department.  We would like the opportunity to share it with the rest of our staff and the public.  Please email your submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


New diagnostic tool helps doctors, patients
Virden - Laura Wright
With photos and files courtesy of Virden Empire-Advance

Virden Medical Associates and Virden Health Centre have a new diagnostic tool, due in no small part to a generous donation from a Virden couple, along with the support of the Virden and District Health Auxiliary.

Several months ago, Dr. J. Roux and Dr. J. Hammell, aware of the need for better diagnostic capabilities in the local hospital, brought to the attention of the local Health Auxiliary the possibility of purchasing a Butterfly IQ ultrasound machine.

This portable app-based ultrasound device attaches to an iPhone or iPad and provides easy access to medical imaging, whether it be helping start an IV in patients with tiny veins, providing images of a heart, or doing a sonogram on an expectant mother.

The Health Auxiliary was very interested in this project and was eager to help out.

Then COVID-19 struck, and the project got put on the back burner. Discussions continued with the doctors who felt so strongly about the need for this equipment, that they purchased a Butterfly IQ ultrasound out of their own pockets. That is where Joan and Terry Johnson come in. With their generous donation of $2000, a portion of the cost of the ultrasound machine was offset.

This new tool is currently in use at the hospital, and because it is portable, can also be used in the clinic. It will be an invaluable asset to the care of patients in our area.

Because it is an ‘app-based device’, there are yearly costs incurred in order to keep the software up-to-date, so it is an ongoing project.

Virden and District Health Auxiliary would be happy to accept donations from anyone who would be interested in supporting this innovative undertaking or who would like to provide financial support to local health care providers who have sacrificed so much in providing continued care in our communities.

All donations made to the Virden and District Health Auxiliary stay in our area and are used for projects in our local facilities. Donations can be sent to:  Virden and District Health Auxiliary, Box 2526, Virden, MB R0M 2C0.

 Dr. Hammell Butterfly

Dr. Hammell and Dr. Roux with the new Butterfly IQ ultrasound diagnostic device that can be used at bedside, in the emergency room or in the medical clinic.

 02 Butterfly IQ 02

Joan and Terry Johnson provided a generous donation toward the Butterfly IQ ultrasound machine.


Baldur Family Donates to Cell Phone Booster System

On behalf of management and staff at Baldur Health Centre, Prairie Mountain Health sincerely thanks the Stevens family for their monetary donation, made on behalf of their loved ones Charlie (passed away in mid-2019) and Marlene Stevens (passed away in 2012.) The family donated $2000 towards the purchase of a cell phone booster system, which, as of late November 2020, has now secured connectivity within the health centre.

Baldur and area residents have known of the challenges associated with both cell phone coverage and WIFI access for some time.   During this pandemic, visitor restrictions affecting personal care home residents and hospital patients have been extremely difficult.  PMH continued to work on strategies to ensure everything possible was being done to meet the emotional/social needs of patients and residents.  Enhancing these technical capabilities, when possible, was a big part of that.

Now, thanks to this generous donation, there is more reliable cell phone service and WIFI access, as the wireless network was installed separately this past August.

PMH thanks families and friends of our patients and residents for their patience, support and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Baldur HC donation to cell service Jan 2021 web

L-R: Kayden Gudnason (representing Anne Gudnason), Charlene Harris, Frank Stevens, Mary Graham, representing the Palliative Care Volunteers, and Eva Miller, Client Care Coordinator. (photo credit Suzanne Paddock of  the Baldur-Glenboro Gazette)