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Dauphin’s New Emergency Department: One Year Later

August 2020

The summer of 2020 marked a milestone of sorts for the Dauphin Regional Health Centre (DRHC) Emergency Department (ED).  A year ago, the big phase in the DRHC Redevelopment Project came to fruition with the opening of the new ED and Special Care Unit (SCU).  Between the ED, SCU and four new enclosed ambulance bays, it featured nearly 16, 000 square feet in overall enhanced space. This was nearly three times as large as the previous areas.

DRHC Director Curt Gullett says over the past year, staff and physicians have learned to work and improve patient flow within the second largest hospital in Prairie Mountain Health.

 “Our new ED treatment areas and equipment have been really beneficial for the support of client care needs.  In their feedback, staff and physicians have indicated that larger, more private areas for clients to have their treatments has been a huge improvement,” Gullett said.

“It’s a team effort and team approach, so all of our work stations are team stations, they’re not just nursing stations anymore. Improved sightlines from all the stations, including triage/assessment are a great end result as well.”

The Special Care Unit now consists of completely revamped private rooms, adjacent bathrooms and features overhead sky lighting, which provides natural light during the day. With an enhanced security station and swipe card access, the ED is a much more secure area for patients, visitors and staff.

With a new back cul de sac entrance and drop off areas, patient and traffic flow has greatly improved.  There is now a pedestrian/wheelchair access ramp at the back of the hospital, which was never in place before.

The large space (mostly office space pre-redevelopment) is conveniently situated on the main floor of the hospital near an entrance and was designed so that it could be utilized, in future, in the form of other potential clinical enhancements.

PMH and Manitoba Health, Seniors, and Active Living continue working together to determine the best use for the space as part of overall clinical and preventive services planning. 

 old DRHC area

DRHC ED area before 2017 Redevelopment Start     


New DRHC ED area 

DRHC ED area completed Summer 2019