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Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI)

September 2019

This spring Brandon was chosen by the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada to be one of 25 hospitals to participate in a pan-Canadian Quality Improvement Collaborative Project to scale up the implementation of the Baby-Friendly Initiative and thereby improve maternal and infant heath.

The Public Health Agency of Canada is funding this 5-year project to revitalize and expand implementation of BFI. The Breastfeeding Committee for Canada is leading the national project with a core focus on implementing a Quality Improvement Collaborative with 25 participating hospitals across Canada. Key parts will include Quality Improvement methods, leadership engagement, People-centered Care and Cultural Safety. 

This collaborative project is the first of its kind in maternal newborn care in Canada. PMH is so excited to be a part of the project!  Over the next 2.5 years, our team will work together with leaders from 25 hospitals across the country.  Approximately 42,000 births per year or 11% of all Canadian birth will be directly impacted by the BFI project.

The importance of breastfeeding to maternal and child health is well known in Canada, however many gaps exist across the country. While most mothers start breastfeeding (90%), many stop with in the first weeks to months, and only a third meet the world target of breastfeeding solely for six months.  Our goal is to help ensure mothers in our region and across Canada have the support, care and information they need to provide their babies with the best possible start in life.

Our core team leaders; Scott Kirk, Tammy Turner, Jennifer Wall & Sarah Weatherald took part in the first workshop in Oakville, Ontario.

Looking forward to the upcoming work ahead, supporting, promoting and protecting breastfeeding.



From far left: Sarah Weatherald, Jennifer Wall, Scott Kirk & Tammy Turner