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Additional Paramedics To Be Hired Within PMH

Ten new, full-time paramedic positions in the Prairie Mountain Health region will be filled later this year as the province continues to strengthen the emergency medical services (EMS) system.

Premier Brian Pallister made the announcement on May 24 in Brandon.

“Paramedics are highly skilled, front-line health-care providers who ensure people get the care they need, where they need it,” said Pallister.  “By investing in 10 full-time positions in the Prairie Mountain Health region, we can build up staffing levels, reduce the system’s reliance on on-call staff, and improve patient care and outcomes for people in the Westman and Parkland regions.”

Announced in Budget 2019, 35 additional full-time equivalent (FTE) positions will be posted and strategically spread out across the province.  Another 25 positions were to be split between the Northern Regional Health Authority and Southern Health- Sante Sud.

Once filled, the paramedics will support the 24-7 operation of EMS stations and be available to enhance the quality of care right across the province.  The province will invest $1.4 million to fill the new positions, with $2.8 million invested in each full fiscal year.

“Emergency medical services are a key component of our health-care system, delivering professional life-saving care from the moment paramedics reach a patient,” said Callum Melvin, regional director of emergency response services, Shared Health.  “This investment in human resources will help to ensure that paramedics are well-positioned to respond to calls on a consistent, reliable basis.”

“A high quality, sustainable EMS system is foundational to the delivery of health services for rural Manitobans,” said Penny Gilson, chief executive officer, Prairie Mountain Health.  “Paramedics today, working to full scope of practice, have allowed the shift of what was traditionally only done in hospital emergency departments into the backs of ambulances and in some instances into people’s homes.  This means Manitobans get safe care, quicker, by the right provider and in the right setting.”

Gilson added, PMH is still working with Shared Health to determine the most appropriate placement for the region’s additional paramedic positions.

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