PMH, DSM & Shared Health Services MB Leadership Gather for Annual General Meeting

Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) held its Annual General Meeting on October 19, 2017 at Elkhorn Resort near Clear Lake.  The AGM covered the fiscal year of April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.

The PMH Board, and Executive Management Team, was pleased to report back on the region’s fifth year of operation since RHA amalgamations in 2012.

Guest presenter, Dr. Brock Wright, spoke on the creation, and progress to date, of the new provincial health organization - Shared Health Services Manitoba. Dr. Wright is the President and CEO of Shared Health Services Manitoba and touched on some key themes of health care change that are underway in the Province.

Prairie Mountain Health's detailed Annual Report was presented at the meeting. 

You can also view a video outlining the details of the Annual Report. 

Guided by the region’s audited financial statements, a 2016/2017 fiscal overview was also provided. 

 Prairie Mountain Health AGM speakers From left are Brian Schoonbaert, PMH VP Finance, Capital & Support Services, Petr Kresta, CEO of Diagnostic Services Manitoba, PMH Chief Executive Officer Penny Gilson and Dr. Brock Wright, President and CEO of Shared Health Services Manitoba.